Month: December 2018

Social Security & The Shutdown

Here is the information I currently have regarding Social Security and the effects of the shutdown. If you are currently receiving Social Security benefits, retirement or disability, your checks WILL NOT be affected by the shutdown. They will continue to come just like before with no interruptions. What’s more if you have a pending disability […]
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Travel Insurance

When most people think travel insurance it brings to mind coverage in the event something causes you to miss your trip. Something to pay you back for what you paid for the trip. This is good coverage to have, but if you are traveling outside of the United States you would be well served to […]
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Storm Damage Claims

Liability For Falling Trees Any time we have a storm and trees from one person’s yard fall into the yard of the adjoining landowner causing damage, we get questions about who is liable for the damage and/or cleanup. The answer in many cases depends on the condition of the tree prior to the storm. If […]
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